Your question: How can I correct my Air India ticket spelling mistake?

To change a passenger name, i.e., to correct make a name correction limited to misspellings only, or to reassign your ticket to another passenger under the above-mentioned conditions, you must contact Air India Reservations on 1-866-399-0587 or the local office in your country.

How do I change my spelling mistake on an airline ticket?

Simply call the airline and politely ask to correct a minor spelling mistake. Virtually all airlines stipulate that single character spelling corrections can be done free of charge. Be sure to note the passenger is the same, there was just a simple error.

How can I change my Air India ticket name?

Choose the flight on which you want to change the name of the passenger. Click on the edit button at the flight and change the passenger’s name. Tap to confirm the details and pay the change cost to confirm the booking. Air India will send you a name change confirmation email at your registered email address.

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Can we correct spelling in flight ticket?

Generally speaking, most airlines allow you to make ticket name corrections. So, if you made a typo when entering your name, there’s no need to worry.

How do I change the spelling of my name?

How to Legally Change the Spelling of Your Name

  1. Complete the application or petition. Visit your local county clerk’s office or court and obtain an application form to petition for a name change. …
  2. File the court order. …
  3. Obtain a signed court order. …
  4. Notify people of your new name.

Can you transfer a plane ticket to someone else’s name?

A transferable airline ticket is a ticket that can be transferred from one person to another person after the reservation is made. It means, airline allows changing the name of the traveler on the ticket. Most of the airlines do not offer transferable tickets.

How do you change a name on a flight ticket?

How to Fix Issues

  1. If the ticket is refundable or offers free cancellation, cancel your ticket and rebook a new ticket.
  2. Call the airline and change the name. …
  3. Obtain identification that matches the name on the ticket.
  4. Purchase a new ticket in the correct name, and abandon the original ticket.

How can I change my flight ticket?

Changing an Award Ticket

  1. Find Your Trip or Log In and go to My Trips.
  2. Select the flight you need to change.
  3. Click on ‘Modify Flight’
  4. Click on ‘Start Flight Change’
  5. Choose new flight(s)
  6. Complete check out and pay any fare difference.
  7. Get your confirmation.

What happens if you forget to put your middle name on airline ticket?

Even though your boarding pass may not match your government-issued ID (i.e. your middle name is not on it), if your passenger information is correct, there will not be a problem. Bottom Line: Even if you forget to put your middle name in when booking your ticket, chances are there will be no issues when flying.

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How can I change the spelling of my name in India?

Following are the steps for changing name in India.

  1. Step 1 – Affidavit. Visit your nearest Notary and make an affidavit regarding the change of your name. …
  2. Step 2 – Newspaper Publication. …
  3. Step 3 – Gazette Notification. …

Does it cost to change the spelling of your name?

According to LegalZoom, you should be ready to spend at least $100 to $150 to file a name change petition in court, plus additional fees to have your forms notarized.

Can I change the spelling of my surname?

You are free to change any part of your name — you can change your first name, your middle names, and your surname. You can add or remove names, and you can change the spelling of names.