Who is Miss Derek in A Passage to India?

A young Englishwoman who works for an Indian Maharani. She is outgoing and carefree, regularly “borrows” her employer’s car, and is considered unseemly by many of the English in Chandrapore. Miss Derek is the person who consoles and drives Adela home after the events at the Marabar Caves.

Who is Ms Derek?

Miss Derek, a friend and frequent guest of the McBrydes, works for one of the Hindu princes in a nearby princely state. She’s the party girl of the set – single and always game for a good time. Her habit of absconding with her employer’s car comes in handy when she rescues Adela after her “rape” at the Marabar Hills.

Who are the characters in A Passage to India?

Stella Moore

Moore’s daughter from her second marriage. Stella marries Fielding toward the end of the novel.

Who is the main character in passage?

Julio Martinez

Name Crime Committed
Julio Martinez 1 Count of Capital Murder Against a Peace Officer
Horace Lambright 2 Counts of Capital Murder and Sexual Assault
Martin Echols Capital Murder and Armed Robbery
Rupert Sosa 1 Count of Vehicular Homicide with Depraved Indifference
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Who is Nawab Bahadur in Passage to India?

The Nawab Bahadur is perhaps the most prominent, most powerful, and wealthiest Muslim Indian character in the novel. His title was conferred upon him by the British; it’s not exactly clear why, but it’s suggested that it has something to do with his service to them, possibly in the area of trade.

Who does Doctor Aziz marry?

Two years later, Aziz has become the chief doctor to the Rajah of Mau, a Hindu region several hundred miles from Chandrapore. He has heard that Fielding married Adela shortly after returning to England. Aziz now virulently hates all English people.

Who is the main character in A Passage to India?

Two years later, Fielding returns to India. His wife is Stella, Mrs.

Who is Stella in Passage India?

Stella is Mrs. Moore’s daughter by her second husband, and half-sister to Ronny. She arrives in India as Fielding’s bride. She doesn’t say a word in the novel, but she does get soaked when her boat crashes into Aziz’s in the Mau tank in Part 3.

What happened to Mrs. Moore in A Passage to India?

Ronny does not want that she spoils Adela anymore. He is afraid Adela will contradict her own statement against Aziz if his mother excites her. This leads to further drift in the mother son relationship. She leaves for England feeling pressurized by the growing heat in the Indian environment and dies during the voyage.

Why did Mrs. Moore leave India?

Moore. As a character, Mrs. Moore’s character has human limitations: her experience at Marabar renders her apathetic and even somewhat mean, to the degree that she simply leaves India without bothering to testify to Aziz’s innocence or to oversee Ronny and Adela’s wedding. …

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Who is Turton in Passage to India?

A Passage to India

Turton is the government and social leader of the English sector of Chandrapore. Under a pretext of good fellowship, he brings the newcomers into contact with the Indians. His high-handed and jocular manner puts the Indian where Mr. Turton wants him — in a class below the English.

Why does Mr Zulfiqar renounce his title Passage to India?

The Nawab Bahadur is a wealthy Indian landowner and philanthropist. Initially, he is favorable to the British, who gave him his title. But later he finances Aziz’s defense, and when passions are running high immediately after the trial, he renounces his title and becomes plain Mr. Zulfiqar.

Who is Adela Quested?

Adela Quested, fictional character, a sexually repressed Englishwoman who falsely accuses an Indian physician of attempted rape, in the novel A Passage to India (1924) by E.M. Forster.