Which one is the highest altitude plateau region in India?

Deccan plateau; is the correct answer as the highest plateau in India is Deccan plateau. In India, it rises about 100 metres in North and 1000 metres in South. It covers over eight Indian states; Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Is Ladakh plateau highest plateau in India?

It extends from the Himalayan to the Kunlun Ranges and is part of the upper Indus River valley.

Which plateau is the highest plateau?

The highest and biggest plateau on Earth, the Tibetan Plateau in East Asia, resulted from a collision between two tectonic plates about 55 million years ago. The land buckled up along the seam of the collision and formed the Himalaya mountain range.

Which is second highest plateau of India?

Table land is second longest mountain plateau in Asia and must visit place,it is quite long and you would need to have a horse to experience the beauty of the valley from here.

Which is the oldest and highest plateau in India?

The highest plateau region in India is the Deccan plateau. The Deccan plateau is one of the oldest plateaus in India.

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Which is the large plateau in India?

The Deccan Plateau is a large plateau in southern India between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, and loosely defined as the peninsular region between these ranges that is south of the Narmada river.

Which is the highest plateau in Asia?

The Tibetan Plateau is usually considered the largest and highest area ever to exist in the history of Earth. Known as the “Rooftop of the World,” the plateau covers an area about half the size of the contiguous United States and averages more than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) above sea level.

Which is the second highest plateau in the world?

The Deosai National Park is located in western Himalayas in Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Pakistan. It has an average elevation of 4,114 metres (13,497 ft) above sea level, making the Deosai Plains the second highest plateau in the world after Changtang Tibetan Plateau.

Is the highest peak of the plateau region?

Anamudi Peak

1. It is the highest peak in the Deccan Plateaus.

What is the world’s highest and largest plateau?

The largest plateau in the world is the Tibetan Plateau, located in central Asia. It stretches through the countries of Tibet, China, and India and occupies an area of 2.5 million square kilometers (1.5 million square miles), which is four times the size of the U.S. state of Texas.

Which is the smallest plateau of India?

The Indo-Gangetic plain lies to the north and east of the plateau, and the basin of the Mahanadi river lies to the south. The total area of the Chota Nagpur Plateau is approximately 65,000 square kilometres (25,000 sq mi).

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Chota Nagpur Plateau
Location Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal