Frequent question: How much does a personal driver cost in India?

How much is a personal driver in India?

A ballpark estimate of the daily rate for hiring a car with driver in India without taxes would be: INR 3,500 per day for a Sedan four-seater (up to 3 adults + driver comfortably) For a bigger six-seating MUV segment car, like a Toyota Innova, it’s INR 4,500 per day (fits comfortably 4 adults + 1 child + driver)

How much do drivers charge in India?

Local agents who have drivers on their platform charge a minimum of 250 to 400 on an average for a stipulated number of hours and additional charges by the hour after the time lapses. In comparison, the startups charge 99 to 130 for an hour.

How much does a personal drive cost?

Chauffeur prices can range from $75 to $250 per hour, but most providers have hourly minimums that will bring the prices up to $225 or all the way to $1,500 for larger vehicles. Special event packages can range from $400 all the way up to a 50-person party bus for $1,800.

Are personal drivers expensive?

Hiring a chauffeur to give you a ride in style, you will likely spend between $30 and $50 per hour. The price of a chauffeur can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

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Can I drive a hire car?

It depends on the rental company. In general, the rules about age limits and driving licences are the same as for the main driver. Usually, any driver needs to be at least 21 and have held a full driving licence for at least two years. Conditions vary, so do check your rental’s terms and conditions.

How can I hire a driver in India?

A ‘personal driver ‘ or a chauffeur is a driver who will report to you on a daily basis at your set reporting time for which he will draw a monthly salary from you. 1 year membership @ Rs. 8000 plus GST. What you will get,The driver will be recruited based on your requirement.

How much does a driver cost in Delhi?

Your private driver anytime @ ₹99/hr. Pay by the minute after the first hour. ( ₹1.75/- per minute after the first hour). A flat fee of ₹200 as Night Charges is levied, if you end your drive between 10PM and 6AM.

What is the difference between chauffeur and driver?

A driver is simply someone who operates a vehicle, while a chauffeur is a professional who is hired to drive. For example, consider a taxi service like Uber or Lyft, which allows just about anyone to become a driver.

Can you hire someone to drive you across the country?

You can hire a personal driver for cross-country, long-distance road trips. Hire a driver who has years of experience driving long hours and in all types of weather conditions so you can enjoy stress-free travel time and reach your destination safely and relaxed.

How much do drivers cost golf?

New drivers from major manufacturers range from $250 to $600. Those prices apply to the flagship drivers offered by the most recognizable, brand-name companies.

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What is a personal driver called?

A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine. … Some service companies merely provide the driver.

What is a personal driver?

The primary function of a Personal Driver is to provide transportation for passengers from one location to another. They will use either their own vehicle or one supplied by their employer, and they must answer to the wants and needs of both their passengers and their employer. …

How much should I charge to drive someone around?

16-20 cents per mile is normal. However, many employers will allow you to choose between mileage driven or the dollar amount of gas bought (with a receipt). This is because many people have cars that use a lot of gas, and the mileage rates might be less than the amount of gas you actually used.