Who is personified in the gift of India?

Part – 1. (a) Referring closely to the poem ‘The Gift of India’ relate what Mother India says about her brave sons. Answer : In the poem, ‘The Gift of India’ the speaker is Mother India, who is personified as a human being. It is she whose voice is heard in the poem.

Who is being addressed in the poem gift of India?

Answer: Explanation: the speaker of poem the gift of india is the mother india. this is adressed to foreigners especially the british. the purpoase of the speaker is that mother india has not witholded anything from anyone but she sacrficed her brave sons to british to fight the world war 1 .

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Who is the speaker in the poem The Gift of India who is addressed to and why what is the purpose of the speaker?

The poem “The Gift of India’, composed by Sarojini Naidu is a tribute to the Indian soldiers who had sacrificed their lives in the First World War. The speaker of the poem is Mother India herself, who has decided to speak up for the sake of her sons’ honour.

What has been person personified in the poem?

Here the poet has used personification for nature as a beautiful woman dancing and smiling with her charming eyes. The poet says that we have not enough time to see the smile that begins through her charismatic eyes and then gracefully runs towards her lips.

What is the theme of the gift of India?

Dealing with the theme of courage and selfless sacrifice, The Gift of India is also an ode to the unsung heroes, the children of Mother India who laid their lives for others.

Who is the poet of the gift of India?

The poem ‘The Gift of India’ by Sarojini Naidu sounds like an appeal made by mother India to the world to remember the contribution of Indian soldiers during World War I.

What message does Charlotte Bronte convey in the poem life?

The message in Charlotte Brontë’s poem “Life” is that we should be hopeful rather than hopeless and optimistic rather than pessimistic.

What type of poem is the gift of India?

‘The Gift of India’ is an elegy written in a lyric vein. It pays glowing tribute to those brave Indian soldiers who fought bravely during the World War I (1914-1918).

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How is war portrayed in the poem The Gift of India?

Although The Gift of India is a patriotic poem but at one point it appears as an anti war poem. Naidu through this poem has depicted the horrors of the war through brutal killings of the Indian soldiers in the First World war. … These soldiers fought in alien lands and died on the battlefield.

How is the poem The Gift of India a tribute to the martyred Indian soldiers who fought in World war 1?

The poem is a tribute to the contribution of Indian soldiers in World War I. Over ten lakh Indian soldiers from the British Indian Empire served in the Allied forces in the First World War. A vast number of them sacrificed their lives. … The poet regards these benefits as gifts given by India to the colonisers.

Who has been personified as beautiful dancer in the poem Leisure?

Question 16: Is ‘Beauty’ a male or a female? Justify with reference to the poem. Answer: In the poem, Nature is personified as a beautiful dancing maiden.

Who is personified in the poem to the cuckoo?

The Cuckoo was portrayed by the poet as a porthole. The poet does not seem to depend on his sight, but rather on his feeling the Cuckoo excites in him. ‘The is an eight-stanza poem with four lines in each. The stanzas are rhymed as ABAB.

Who is personified in the poem tiger in the zoo?

Answer: The tiger is personified because the poet refers him as ‘he’.

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What is the conclusion of the poem The Gift of India?

The conclusion of the poem Gift of India is that many brave Indian soldiers sacrificed their previous lives for the sake of their country. They did not fear the death and fought till their last breath. Hence we should remember them and what they did for our country.

What do the gifts symbolize justify the title of the poem The Gift of India?

The gift of India​ is the most appropriate title for the poem as it honours all the Indian soldiers that India had gifted to the British during the World War I. … These soldiers fought relentlessly on alien soils and laid their lives. Not a single word of praise or an honour was bestowed upon them by the British.

What is the message of the poem The Gift of India by Sarojini Naidu?

There are mainly two messages in the poem The Gift of India: Remembering our brave soldiers: The poem is patriotic in nature and written in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for India in foreign lands. The poet remembers their great sacrifice and suggests the readers to keep them in their memories.