Who appointed British High Commissioner of India?

What is the High Commissioner of India?

High commissioners represent India’s diplomatic missions in member states of the Commonwealth of Nations and ambassadors represent diplomatic missions in other states. The head of a diplomatic mission to an international organization is called a permanent representative.

Is High Commissioner same as ambassador?

Ambassador is the representative of one country in another country while high commissioner is the head of state in another country. … Ambassador is less involved in local society while high commission is more involved in local societies.

What does the British High Commission do?

Their general purpose is to provide diplomatic relationships as well as travel information, passports, dual-citizenship information, and other services between Commonwealth states.

Is India an ambassador?

Verma. Richard Verma serves as the 25th United States Ambassador to India.

Which city is called London of India?

Kolkata, Bengali Kalikata, formerly Calcutta, city, capital of West Bengal state, and former capital (1772–1911) of British India. It is one of India’s largest cities and one of its major ports.

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Who was the Ambassador of England?

John Adams is referred to as the first “ambassador”. He is also referred to as the first “minister plenipotentiary”.

Ministers (1785–1811)

Name Rufus King
Appointment May 20, 1796
Presentation July 27, 1796
Termination May 16, 1803
Appointer George Washington

Who is India’s first High Commissioner?

The first High Commissioner for India was Indian Civil Service officer Sir William Stevenson Meyer; the first of Indian origin was Sir Dadiba Merwanji Dalal. The High Commissioner enjoyed the same status as his counterparts from the British Dominions. Upon Indian independence the post was given the present designation.

How can I become a High Commissioner in India?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts Civil Services Exam and a candidate who desires to become an Ambassador of India then he/she has to take this exam.

UPSC Civil Services Exam

  1. Civil Services Preliminary Exam (MCQ type)
  2. Civil Services Mains Exam (Written and Descriptive type)
  3. Personality Test/Interview.

Does India have High Commission or embassy?

The capital of India, New Delhi hosts 150 embassies/high commissions and 18 other representations in India. Many embassies in India are dual accredited to nearby nations of Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. Honorary Consulates are excluded from this listing.

Which countries have High Commission?


Host country Host city Mission
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Embassy
Jeddah Consulate-General
Singapore Singapore High Commission
Sri Lanka Colombo High Commission

What is difference between embassy and high commission?

Embassies are diplomatic missions sent to non-Commonwealth countries. High Commissions are diplomatic missions sent to Commonwealth countries. The “head of mission” at an embassy is called an Ambassadors. At a High Commission, the head of mission is called a High Commissioner.

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What is the role of a High Commissioner?

In the Commonwealth of Nations, a high commissioner is the senior diplomat (generally ranking as an ambassador) in charge of the diplomatic mission of one Commonwealth government to another. Instead of an embassy, the diplomatic mission is generally called a high commission.

How many British embassies are there?

There are about 123 Foreign Embassies and 154 Consulates placed in the territory of United Kingdom. United Kingdom itself in total counts near 84 Embassies and 49 Consulates spread all over the world.