Which is the smallest tunnel in India?

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel, also known as Syama Tunnel, and formerly as Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, is a road tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Which is the first tunnel in India?

Parsik Tunnel

Work begun 1906
Opened 1916
Owner Indian Railways
Operator Central Railway zone of Indian Railways

How many tunnels are there in India?

The list

Rank Name Track length (m)
1. Patalpani Rail Tunnel 14,000 metres (46,000 ft)
2. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel 11,215 metres (36,795 ft)
3. Trivandrum Port Tunnel 9,020 metres (29,590 ft)
4. Sangaldan Tunnel 8,000 metres (26,000 ft)

What is the largest railway tunnel in India?

At 10.96km long, the Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel is India’s longest and Asia’s 2nd longest tunnel, aimed at reducing the travel distance between Quazigund and Banihal to only 11 km and providing a hassle-free travel up to Baramulla.

Which is the second largest road tunnel in India?

Atal Tunnel (Rohtang Tunnel) – 8.8 km

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The 8.8 Km long two lane road tunnel is the second longest road tunnel of the country, situated at elevation of 3,978 meters above sea level and is expected to reduce the distance about 60 km between Manali and Keylong.

Which is the longest road tunnel?

lærdalstunnelen. At 24.5 kilometres, the Lærdal tunnel is the world’s longest road tunnel.

Which is the longest tunnel in Asia?

Once completed, the 14.96-kilometre Zojila bidirectional tunnel will be Asia’s longest. Located on the Srinagar-Leh road, it will shorten the distance between Baltal (Sonamarg) and Minamarg in the Kargil region of Ladakh from 40 km to 13 km. That would slash travel time from three hours to 15 minutes.

Which is the largest railway tunnel?

The Gotthard Base Tunnel, with a length of 57.09 km (35.47 mi) and a total of 151.84 km (94.3 mi) of tunnels, shafts and passages, is the longest railway tunnel in the world, with a geodetic distance of 55.782 km (34.661 mi) between the two portals.

Which is India’s longest road tunnel?

At 14.15 km, the Zojila tunnel will be India’s longest road tunnel, and Asia’s longest bi-directional tunnel. A look at its features, and why it’s significant. Government is pushing to complete the massive Zojila tunnel, its showpiece infra project in Kashmir and Ladakh, before Republic Day, 2024.

Which is the longest road in India?

– National Highway 44 – It is the longest national highway in India with a length of 4,112 km running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the South. This highway connects 11 states and about 30 important cities with each other.

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Which is the slowest train in India?

​​​​​​​Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri Passenger train is the slowest train in India, running at a speed of 10 kmph, which is roughly 16 times slower than the fastest train in India. The train covers 46 km in about 5 hours, which is due to the train operating in a hilly area.

Which is the longest train in India?

Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari Vivek Express

This weekly train, numbered 15905/15906, is currently the longest train route in the Indian Subcontinent. It joins Dibrugarh in Assam, North-East India to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu which is the southernmost tip of Mainland India.

Which is the longest transport?


Name Location Notes
Lærdal Norway (Lærdal – Aurland) Longest road tunnel in the world.
Yamate Tunnel Japan (Tokyo) Longest in-city road tunnel in the world.
Zhongnanshan Tunnel China (Shaanxi)
Jinpingshan Tunnel China (Sichuan) 2 tubes, 17.540 km and 17.485 km

Which is the longest electrified railway tunnel in India?

Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday inaugurated India’s longest electrified rail tunnel. Situated between Cherlopalli and Rapuru stations of Andhra Pradesh, the 6.6-km long tunnel is a part of the Obulavaripalli-Venkatachalam railway line.

What is the length of Jawahar tunnel?

The Jawahar tunnel has been operational since 22 December 1956. The length of tunnel is 2.85 km (1.77 mi).

Jawahar Tunnel.

Length 2.85 km (1.77 mi)
No. of lanes 2
Highest elevation 2,200 metres (7,200 ft)