Which is the oldest railway station in India?

​​​​​​​Bori Bunder, located in Mumbai was the first railway station in India. India’s first passenger train ran from Bori Bunder to Thane in 1853. It was built by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway.

Which is the oldest railway station?

The Liverpool Road railway station in Manchester, dating from 1830, is the oldest surviving mainline station in the world.

Which was India’s first railway station?

The first train of South India started operating in June 1856 from Royapuram railway station.

Royapuram railway station.

Royapuram station
Coordinates 13.10403°N 80.29366°E
Owned by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways
Line(s) North, West, West North and West South lines of Chennai Suburban Railway

Which is the oldest and largest railway station in India?

Howrah Junction is the oldest and largest railway station in India. Along with this, it is one of the busiest Railway stations in India.

Which is the oldest railway line in India?

The Southern Railway (abbreviated SR), headquartered at Chennai, is one of the 18 zones of Indian Railways. It is the earliest of the 18 zones of the Indian Railways created in independent India.

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Which is the smallest railway station in India?

Ib railway station. Ib is a railway station in the Indian state of Odisha. It has the distinction of having the shortest name of all stations on the Indian Railways system.

Which is the last railway station in India?

Last railway stations in India

India’s northernmost railway station is Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir, and the westernmost is Naliya near Gujarat’s Bhuj.

Who is called the father of Indian Railways?

Lord Dalhousie is known as the father of Indian Railways.

Who started first railway in India?

The country’s first passenger train, which ran between Bombay’s Bori Bunder station and Thane on 16 April 1853, was dedicated by Lord Dalhousie. The 14-carriage train was hauled by three steam locomotives: the Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan.

Where is the first railway station?

Opened in 1830, Liverpool Road station in Manchester is the oldest surviving railway terminus building in the world.

Which is best railway station in India?

Best Railway Stations In India: Vintage Essentials

  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai. Standing Tall (Source) …
  2. Ghum, North Bengal. Ghoom Railway Station (Source) …
  3. Dudhsagar, Goa. Such scenery. …
  4. Char Bagh, Lucknow. …
  5. Howrah Station, West Bengal. …
  6. New Delhi Railway Station. …
  7. Cuttack, Odisha. …
  8. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Which is the busy railway station in India?

1. Howrah Junction Railway Station. It is the busiest railway station in India in terms of train frequency. 210 Unique Trains per day with a frequency of 974 arrivals/departures per day.

Which is the highest railway station in India?

Ghum railway station of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the highest railway station in the India. It is situated at an altitude of 2,258 metres (7,407 ft). The place is the home of the Ghum Monastery and the Batasia Loop, a bend of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

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