Quick Answer: Is pig farming profitable in India?

Pig husbandry is a profitable occupation, especially for small and marginal farmers. It requires minimum capital investment and labour. The return over the investment is quick and high. … India has about 10 million pigs and swine fanning in India contributes about 6.7% of the total meat production in the country.

How much profit does a pig farmer make?

A pig weighing one quintal can be sold at ₹11,000 to ₹12,000. We spend ₹7,000 to ₹8,000 on rearing it over six months and earn around ₹4,000 from a single animal,” said Nirmal, who is Class 12 pass.

Which breed of pig is most profitable in India?

The best pig breeds for commercial pig farming are Large White Yorkshire, Hampshire, Landrace, and Ghangaru. The large white Yorkshire is the top breed for meat production. An adult boar (male) can weigh up to 350 to 400 kg where an adult sow can weigh up to 250 to 300 kg. They are excellent for cross-breeding.

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How much does it cost to start a pig farm in India?

Total cost involved for starting a pig farming business is Rs. 5,57,000.

How much does a pig cost in India?

The average weight of Boar =200 kg. The cost of 1kg pork is Rs. 200 Rs. (However, it varies).

Pig Farming Includes The Following Stages:

Particulars Cost (Rs.)
Miscellaneous 5,000
Total Cost 5,17,000

Where can I sell pigs in India?

Pigbazar-Sell or Buy Pigs Online | Largest livestock for pig.

Which animal farm is most profitable in India?

Goat farming is one of the most profitable business livestock farming business. Goat gives us milk and meat. Goat farming is a low-investment & high-profit livestock farming business. They don’t need a big area for housing due to their small body size in comparison to other livestock animals.

How much does it cost to run a pig farm?

So, how much does it cost to start a pig farm? You could spend anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to start a small free-range farm. Large-scale farms could require up to $2 million to get going.

How much land do you need for a pig farm?

For growing pigs, it is recommended that you plan for around 8 square feet of space per pig. While this may seem like a small amount of space, pigs are not terribly active animals. Rather, their behaviors of choice are sleeping, eating, and rooting; they leave the running to horses.

How do I start a pig farm?

Below are some useful guides.

  1. Get a Farmland for Breeding. If you are a newbie to pig farming, then a plot of land wouldn’t be bad for a start. …
  2. Build Modern Pens. Setting up a big pen is necessary if you don’t want the pigs to injure themselves. …
  3. Buy Healthy Pigs. …
  4. Employ Workers. …
  5. Proper Feeding.
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Which breed of pig is most profitable?

According to pork.org, the pig breed that’s most profitable is the Berkshire. This is followed by Chester Whites and Durocs.

Is piggery a good business?

One of the advantages of the piggery business is its fast return on investment. Quick turnover is due to the short interval between raising and harvesting. One can expect to sell a pig after raising it for five months. They have good feed-to-meat conversion.

How do pig farmers make money?

If you buy a piglet when its 2 months old, it will be ready for sale within six months. Profits per a grown pig will range from Ksh 20,000 to Ksh, 30,000. In order for farmers to increase their chances of making more profits, it is advisable for them to get into groups and sell in bulk.

How do I sell a pig?

There are many ways to sell your pork: direct sales to the customer and wholesale to grocery stores or other businesses being the two main avenues. I concentrate on direct sales as that is what I am most familiar with, and I also believe it to be the most beneficial to farmer and consumer.

How much does a pig eat in 6 months?

-It will take roughly 5 to 6 months to raise a pig from birth to a finish weight of around 250 pounds. -A pig will eat an average of 6 to 8 pounds of feed per day. In our case the feed is an unmedicated mixed ration of corn and soybeans.

What is the cost of a whole pig?

The cost of a whole hog is a whole hog at $6.50/lb and a half hog for $7.00 per pound. This is based on the actual weight for the amount of meat that you receive back. For all purchases there is a non-refundable deposit fee of $200 for a whole hog and $100 for a half hog.

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