Frequent question: Which city is expensive Bangalore or Hyderabad?

Is Bangalore costly than Hyderabad?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Hyderabad and Bangalore

You would need around 122,563.69₹ in Bangalore to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 110,000.00₹ in Hyderabad (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living.

Is cost of living high in Bangalore than Hyderabad?

Cost of living in hyderabad is cheaper than bangalore.

Which one is better Bangalore or Hyderabad?

Unlike Bangalore, you can reach almost any destination in Hyderabad within 20-25 minutes. But then, Bangalore surpasses Hyderabad in terms of climatic conditions. … In comparison to Hyderabad, the quality of construction and project architecture in Bangalore is much better.

Is Hyderabad a costly city?

Ans. Hyderabad is comparatively cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities. Hence, the overall cost of living also is lesser. If you are looking to stay in budget areas like Uppal, Himayat Nagar, LB Nagar, etc.

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Which is cheaper Hyderabad or Bangalore?

Cost of living in Hyderabad, India (India) is 17% cheaper than in Bangalore (India)

Which is best place to work Hyderabad or Bangalore?

The survey, conducted by, ranked 34 best cities to live and work in India. In the survey, Hyderabad bagged the top spot by scoring 4.0 out of 5, beating cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai among others on the chart.

Which Amazon Office is better Hyderabad or Bangalore?

Bangalore has a GDP of $110 billion and Hyderabad has a GDP of $74 billion. Which office is better when talking about Amazon Bangalore vs Hyderabad Amazon? Both the offices are equally great to work at and highly important to Amazon for functioning effectively. Both the offices support Amazon’s global operations.

Is Chennai cheaper than Hyderabad?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Chennai and Hyderabad

You would need around 101,045.68₹ in Hyderabad to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 100,000.00₹ in Chennai (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Mumbai expensive than Hyderabad?

Mumbai is 39% more expensive than Hyderabad, India.

Which city is safe Bangalore or Hyderabad?

Safety comparisons Bangalore vs Hyderabad

City Crime Index
New York, NY, United States 47.06
Hyderabad, India 43.89
Prague, Czech Republic 24.15
Bangalore, India 54.85

Why is Bangalore cooler than Hyderabad?

The number of parks and trees in every area of Bangalore ensures that the city remains cool even in Summer. The city is also at a higher elevation(900m), which gives it a much cooler weather.

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Which airport is better Bangalore or Hyderabad?

Air- passenger traffic in Bengaluru is almost 50 % higher than Hyderabad. … Hyderabad airport has a terminal area of 107,000 square meter; BIAL is much smaller at 71,000 square meter. Hyderabad can handle 3200 passengers per hour, whereas BIAL can handle only 2733 passengers per hour.

What is a good salary in Hyderabad?

Employees in Hyderabad earn an average of ₹20lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹4lakhs to ₹50lakhs based on 23764 profiles.

Is Bangalore costly?

Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru is the fourth most expensive city in India for expatriates. According to Mercer’s ‘2020 Cost of Living Survey ‘, Bengaluru is the fourth most expensive city in India and is placed in the 171 position in the global rankings.

Is Hyderabad expensive to live?

The average monthly cost of living in Hyderabad

Your total monthly living cost with rent and other expenses like food, transportation, and utilities will be around INR 10000 to INR 15000 if you live in a PG accommodation. And this may increase to around INR 12000 to INR 15000 if you rent a 1BHK.