Can I change seat after booking in Air India?

In case you want to change your seat, you can do that from the Manage Booking section on the website. You can also check-in without going to the airport and get a boarding pass. In this way, you can select your seat on Air India flight booking.

Can you change seats on a plane after booking?

Depending on the carrier, changing paid seats after booking may or may not be supported. In particular, some Direct Payment Carriers may not permit changing paid seats after booking, or may have specific requirements for changing seats.

Can you change seat once checked in?

As long as your boarding pass has not yet been printed, you can still change your seat number after check-in. In domestic flights, you can change your seat number according to the package you choose.

Can I change my seat after take off?

You should NOT attempt to change seats during boarding or when the plane is taking off. During boarding, your attempt to take a seat that may be reserved for someone else could cause a lot of commotion, delay the flight, and even get you kicked off.

Can I change my seat at the airport?

Yes, Airlines Do Have the Right to Change Your Seat Without Warning. It’s in the fine print.

How long before a flight can you change your seat?

If you want to change your ticket at no cost, it must fall within the rules of the same-day confirmation policy and the new flight must depart within 24 hours of your original scheduled departure (earlier or later).

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