Best answer: Who eliminated from Indian Idol 2019?

Ashish and Shanmukhpriya were in the danger zone after their performances. After Sawai Bhatt, Ashish Kulkarni’s journey came to an end on Indian Idol 12. In the Sunday episode of the popular music reality show, Ashish was eliminated while Shanmukhapriya was allowed to remain on the show.

Who is eliminated from Indian Idol?

Indian Idol 2020 Elimination List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Pawandeep Rajan Winner
2 Shanmukha Priya 6th Place
3 Sawai Bhatt Eliminated (20th June 2021)
4 Anjali Gaikwad Eliminated (6th June 2021)

Who is out from Indian Idol today?

Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today

S.N. Contestants name Status/ who is Eliminated
1. Pawandeep Rajan Competing in the Show
2. Shanmukha Priya Competing in the Show
3. Sawai Bhatt Eliminated
4. Anjali Gaikwad Eliminated

Who won Indian Idol 2020?

Pawandeep Rajan has won the 12th season of Indian Idol. Uttarakhand’s Pawandeep Rajan has won the 12th season of Indian Idol. Pawandeep lifted the winner’s trophy and also won the prize money of ₹25 lakh. Arunita Kanjilal and Sayli Kamble were runners-up.

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Who are the top 5 of Indian Idol 2021?

Pawandeep Rajan was announced the Indian Idol 12 winner. Indian Idol 12 will come to an end with the announcement of its winner today (August 15). The grand finale will run for 12 hours on Sony TV. The Top 6 contestants are Mohd Danish, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayli Kamble, Shanmukha Priya, and Nihal Tauro.

Who eliminated from Indian Idol 12?


This week, it was Ashish Kulkarni who got eliminated from the singing reality show. The 26-year-old singer’s eviction over Shanmukha Priya came as a shock to his fans. They took to Twitter to lash out at the makers of the show.

Who eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi yesterday?

Shweta Tiwari has been eliminated from ‘KKK 11’ as she managed to take out only one flag while Arjun Bijlani took out two flags. Vishal Aditya Singh was the hero of the task as he took all the flags.

Who eliminated in Bigg Boss OTT today?

Neha Bhasin was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT. The grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT is just two days away and the contestants are all doing their best to win the trophy.

Who are the finalist of Indian Idol 2021?

This weekend, Indian Idol 12 finalists – Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayli Kamble, Mohd Danish, Nihal Tauro and Shanmukha Priya will grace the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 4. They will be seen leaving everyone stunned with their mesmerising voice.

Who eliminated in Super Dancer Chapter 4?

Super Dancer 4 Elimination News

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On 9th October 2021, Florina Gogoi was declared as the winner of Super Dancer Chapter 4. While Pruthviraj became 1st runner-up. On 2nd October 2021, Anshika and Soumit Barman got eliminated from Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Is Neha Kakkar win Indian Idol?

Neha, who has been judging the show for the past few seasons, won’t appear on the grand finale episode of Indian Idol 12. The singer appeared as a judge till May 2021, after which the seat was taken up by her sister and singer Sonu Kakkar. Now it has been learned that Neha will not be a part of the finale too.

Who is the 2nd runner-up of Indian Idol 2021?


Season Year Runner-up
9 2016–17 Khuda Baksh and Rohit Paritala
10 2018 Ankush Bhardwaj
11 2019 Rohit Shyam Raut
12 2020-2021 Arunita Kanjilal

Who is the 2 of Indian Idol 2021?

Indian Idol 12 winner: Pawandeep Rajan Is The Winner Of The Show, Arunita Kanjilal Bags Second Position.

Who is the winner of Indian Idol 7?

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List of Indian Idol Winners – All Seasons – 1 to 12.

Name of Indian Idol Winner Season of Indian Idol Year
Sreerama Chandra Mynampati 5 2010
Vipul Mehta 6 2012
Anjana Padmanabhan 7 2013
Ananya Sritam Nanda 8 2015

Who is the 2nd winner of Indian Idol season 12?

The winner of the music reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’ — Pawandeep Rajan — along with the first and second runner-up of the show, Arunita Kanjilal and Shanmukha Priya, respectively, will feature in a musical series directed by Raj Surani.

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Who is the winner of Indian Idol 12?

Pawandeep Rajan was recently declared the winner of Indian Idol season 12, with Arunita becoming the first runner-up. Indian Idol season 12 recently declared Pawandeep Rajan as the winner. The grand finale of the show, held on August 15, was an extravagant affair.