Best answer: Is carrying cigarettes allowed in Delhi Metro?

Most of the day-today items are allowed to carry in Delhi metro including fruits and vegetables, eatables, cigarette packets, books, electronics, utensils etc, only certain items are prohibited which are usually taken out at the scanning machine and kept with the authorities.

Can we carry cigarettes and lighter in Delhi Metro?

Women can carry knives up to 4 inches in length for their safety. One packet of cigarettes and one lighter/matchbox per passenger. … Baggage weighing not more than 15 kg and size not exceeding 60 cm length x 45 cm breadth x 25 cm height.

What is not allowed in Delhi Metro?

In an official statement, DMRC said, “In view of the COVID-19 guidelines, travel will be allowed only up to 50 per cent seating capacity inside the trains. No standing passenger will be allowed. Entry into Metro stations will be regulated by restricting the number of gates to ensure compliance with the guidelines.”

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Can we take cigarette in metro?

The BMRCL allows the carrying of cigarettes and alcohol on trains; however, smoking and consuming alcohol on board and at stations is strictly prohibited. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, the chief PRO, U A Vasanth Rao, said, “We are allowing people to carry foldable bicycles on the metro.

Can I take lighter in Delhi Metro?

The Delhi government has issued a strict compliance notice to the DMRC, asking it to prohibit passengers from carrying matchboxes and lighters in metro trains and on station premises as it “promotes smoking”. … A commuter is now allowed to carry one matchbox and one lighter in metro trains and on station premises.

Can we carry cigarettes in train?

DEHRADUN: In the wake of recent incidents of fire breakouts in trains, the Indian Railways has stated that carrying inflammable items and smoking cigarettes during journey will be totally prohibited. Elaborating, a railway official said that cigarettes are one of the biggest causes behind fire incidents in trains.

Can we carry liquor in Delhi Airport Metro?

Carrying alcohol or wine is not allowed inside metro premises. … Sealed bottles of alcohol or wine are also not allowed inside metro premises.

What are the things not allowed in metro?

Among the items that are prohibited in the metro include sharp objects, guns and firearms, tools, explosive materials, flammable items, disabling chemicals and pets.

Is carrying hookah allowed in Delhi Metro?

Is Hookah Allowed in Delhi Metro? Yes, you can pack hookah properly and carry it with you with no problems.

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Is fish allowed in Delhi Metro?

BMRCL says all kinds of meat are prohibited

A metro passenger took to social media on Thursday to complain after Namma Metro security personnel prevented him from carrying fish inside the metro station.

Is smoking allowed in Indian Railway?

At present, smoking cigarettes or bidi on the train is an offence under Section 167 of the Railways Act however the amount of penalty charged for the offence is just Rs 100 which does not act as a strong deterrent against smoking.

Can I carry raw meat in Delhi Metro?

He moved the information commission after which the DMRC was ordered to clarify. It said DMRC does not restrict the carriage of non-vegetarian food items, eatables in Delhi Metro, whether raw or cooked if they are packed properly.

How much cash can I carry in Delhi Metro?

Cash amount of over ₹2 lakh in one single transaction has been banned since 2017 by the government as part of a legal measure to check black money.

Is nail cutter allowed in Delhi Metro?

You can now carry small knife on Delhi Metro.

Can we carry plants in Delhi Metro?

Passengers are not allowed to carry potted plants in Delhi Metro. You may also approach us at in case of any inconvenience. … Carrying saplings is not permitted in the Delhi metro rail network.