You asked: Where can I buy export surplus garments in Chennai?

Is it legal to sell export surplus garments?

Understand the fact that it’s illegal to sell export surplus garments without acquiring prior permission from the buyer. To sell it legally, the factory or supplier must obtain a release letter from the brand specifying the permission granted to sell the surplus merch through non-regular distribution channels.

Are export surplus clothes original?

Most of the garments sold in the export surplus stores are leftover garments or defective garments as per the buyer’s quality specification, or excess quantity produced by export garment manufacturers. … Export surplus stores sell original branded garments that may contain defective part(s) and/or defective trim(s).

Can we sell export surplus garments online?

Yes, it is illegal. Because are using the brand name of the companies like Nike, Puma, Levies, etc… And selling their rejected stuffs, without buying from them.

What is export surplus goods?

Also known as stock lot, export surplus is when a factory has a large amount of extra goods, such as garments or fabric. This could have happened because of a canceled order. Goods can either be branded or not.

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Can we sell surplus products online?

Yes it can be sold in India completing the legal formalities of the country where u want to sale the goods as well as u have to show the customs clearance also to bring of tht foreign well as all the legal formalities you have to fulfill.

How can I sell surplus clothes online?

You can source the garments from various online sources like TradeIndia, Garment Surplus and Garment Stocks at IndiaMart,etc. You can even directly contact to exporters for purchasing their stock garments.

Why are export surplus garments cheap?

There can also be many other reasons behind the origin of surplus garments like cancel shipment, rejections because of quality/defects and size ratio mismatch. Most of the factories sell their surplus stock at very cheap prices compared to the actual price.

Are surplus shoes original?

Sizes 6-10 available.

Mixed Brand Surplus Leather Shoes.

Color Mixed
Sole High Quality TPR
Packaging Type 10 pairs in one Master Carton.
Features These are original surplus leather shoes of different brands.

What is surplus in garments?

Besides, leftover garments those remain in factory are called stock lot or surplus garments. … Generally a factory extra cutting of garment 2.5% – 5% to fulfill the total order quantity. After completed shipment of garments as per order quantity. The Extra garments are called stock lot or surplus garments.

What is export reject?

an article that fails to meet a standard of quality required for export and that is sold on the home market.

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What is surplus item?

A surplus describes the amount of an asset or resource that exceeds the portion that’s actively utilized. A surplus can refer to a host of different items, including income, profits, capital, and goods. In the context of inventories, a surplus describes products that remain sitting on store shelves, unpurchased.

What is export surplus Class 12?

Dear student export surplus refers to the situation when exports are more than the imports. It leads to drainage of Indian wealth because the sole motive of British government was to transform India into a mere supplier of cheap raw materials in order to flourish its own industrial base.

How do you calculate trade surplus?

Calculating the trade surplus

The formula for calculating a trade surplus is simple. You only need to subtract the total value of a country’s exports from its imports. If the result is positive, then the country records a surplus. Conversely, if the result is negative, the country runs a trade deficit.

What is export clothes?

Exporting means sending goods and items from one country to another country. In the fashion exporting business, fashion items like apparel, shoes, home textiles, and fashion accessories, are manufactured in one country and shipped to other countries. … They are known as garment exporters.