Which country has higher HDI rank than India Class 10?

Which of the following countries has higher HDI rank than India Class 10?

Answer: (ii) Sri Lanka has better performance in terms of human development than India.

Which of the following country has higher HDI rank?

Norway had the highest level of the Human Development Index (HDI) worldwide in 2019 with a value of 0.957. With a score of 0.955, both Ireland and Switzerland had the second highest level of human development.

Which of the following countries has highest rank in India?


  • Norway 0.954.
  • Switzerland 0.946.
  • Ireland 0.942.

Which of the following countries has a higher HDI rank than India?

The country ranked 129 (out of 189) countries on the 2019 HDI. India’s HDI value for 2019 stood at 0.645 which put it in the medium human development category. Norway topped the index, followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Iceland, the report showed.

Which country in South Asia has better HDI ranking than India?

Answer is Pakistan, with HDI value of 0.562. More details: As per latest statistics, India has Human Development Index (HDI) value of 0.640.

Which country has the lowest HDI rank?

Global Data Lab also provides data on the HDI of Somalia, putting it at 0.361, the lowest in the world, though data for Syria is unavailable.


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Rank 2019 data (2020 report)​ 1
Nation Norway
HDI 2019 data (2020 report)​ 0.957
Average annual growth (2010–2019)​ 0.20%

Which of the following state of India has higher HDI?

India has a HDI value (using international goalposts) of 0.504 (Table 3). The HDI is the highest for Kerala (0.625) followed by Punjab (0.569) and the lowest for Orissa (0.442), Bihar (0.447) and Chhattisgarh (0.449).