Quick Answer: What is the importance of Chota Nagpur Plateau in India?

The Chota Nagpur area has the most valuable concentration of mineral resources in India. The Damodar valley has vast coal reserves, and the Hazaribagh region is one of the main sources of mica in the world.

Why Chota Nagpur Plateau is called?

How Did Chota Nagpur Plateau Get Its Name? Chota Nagpur Plateau got its name as ‘Nagpur’ from the ‘Nagvanshis’ who ruled the region for quite a time, and ‘Chota’ which means ‘small’ from a village named Chota located at the outgrowths of Ranchi, where an old fort of the Nagvanshis ruler exist.

What is Chota Nagpur Plateau called?

Complete answer: Chota Nagpur Plateau is known as Ruhr of India. It covers the region of Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh.

Why is Chota Nagpur Plateau rich in minerals?

The reasons are: (i) Iron ore is found in abundance and about 40% of iron ore in India is found in this area. (ii) Over 50% of manganese in India is found in this region. (iii) Almost 60% of copper in India is found here.

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How are plateau useful to us?

Plateaus are very useful becasue it is a storehouse of minerals that are used as raw materials for many industries. It provides us with food materials and raw materials for our industries. The lava plateaus are rich in black soil good for cultivation. many plateaus are great attraction to tourists.

What is the meaning of Chota Nagpur?

/ (ˈtʃəʊtə ˈnɑːɡpʊə) / noun. a plateau in E India, mainly in Jharkhand state since 2000: forested, with rich mineral resources and much heavy industry; produces chiefly lac (world’s leading supplier), coal (half India’s total output), and mica.

Which river drain the Chota Nagpur Plateau?

Complete Answer: The Chota Nagpur plateau expands over an area of approximately 65,000 square kilometres and to its south lies the basin of the Mahanadi River. The Damodar River flows on the Chota Nagpur plateau dividing it into two plateaus – the Hazaribagh plateau and the Ranchi plateau.

Which type of soil is found in Chota Nagpur Plateau?

The plateau has predominantly red soil that is derived from peculiar rock formations.

Why Chota Nagpur Plateau has the maximum concentration of iron and steel industries?

Answer: Chhotanagpur Plateau region has the highest concentration of iron and steel industries due to the following reasons: This region has vast reserves of coal and iron ore. Also, iron ore is cheaply available in the region, thus providing the raw material for iron and steel industries.

Which plateau is drained by river Krishna?

Chhotanagpur plateau is drained by river Krishna.

Which is the oldest plateau in India?

Having once constituted a segment of the ancient continent of Gondwanaland, this land is the oldest and most stable in India. The Deccan plateau consists of dry tropical forests that experience only seasonal rainfall.

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What is the importance of plateaus in India?

Plateaus are important because of the following reasons: Plateaus are storehouses of minerals. They have rich deposits of minerals. While the African Plateau has huge reserves of gold and silver, Chota Nagpur Plateau in India is famous for coal, iron and manganese deposits.

Why do you think plateaus are one of the most significant features in India?

Plateaus are one of the most significant physical features in India. Plateaus in India are formed mostly by the volcanic eruptions and it stores black soil in them that are good for agricultural purposes. They also contain huge deposits of various minerals that make the soil fertile.