Question: Is air cargo available in India?

Air India has a dedicated modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts with huge Cargo capacities available to carry loads to more than 74 online International as well as 56 Domestic destinations currently besides hundreds of offline trucking points as we have tied up with various trucking companies worldwide to carry …

Is cargo flights operating in India?

COVID-19: Amid Omicron scare, India extends ban on international flights, cargo operations to continue. … “The competent authority has decided to extend the suspension of Scheduled International commercial passenger services to/from India till 2359 hrs 1ST of 31st January, 2022.

How can I book cargo on Air India?

The shipper can appoint any of an IATA agent ,who is having AWB stock of Air India Express to make the booking in LMS and get confirmation from the concerned Cargo sales/Airport staff. Air India Express is using Logistics Management system (LMS) , an online system to book the shipments towards all its destinations.

How much does cargo cost in a plane?

Air freight rates generally range from $1.50–$4.50 per kilogram, while the value of air cargo typically exceeds $4.00 per kilogram.

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Is international cargo flights Open in India?

While scheduled commercial passenger flights have been suspended for the lockdown period, cargo flights, medical evacuation flights and special flights approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) are allowed to operate.

Is flight Open in India?

NEW DELHI: The government has allowed resumption of regular international flights from December 15, nearly 21 months after suspendeding it on March 23 last year. Now, both Indian and foreign airlines can add capacity.

Is Asthi allowed in flight in India?

Yes, you may carry the remains in a properly packed container in the cabin baggage. TY.

How do you bring a dead body on a plane?


  1. Death Certificate;
  2. Cremation Certificate (if as ashes);
  3. Embalming Certificate (if in coffin)
  4. Police Certificate. Must if the death is unnatural;
  5. Cancelled passport;
  6. Consular Certificate (from the office of the Consular of the nationality of the deceased).

Can we carry dogs in Air India?

Small inoffensive domestic pets such as dogs, cats and birds, accompanied by valid Health and Rabies vaccination certificates, will be accepted on Air India domestic flights in the cabin or in cargo hold at owner’s risk and subject to requirements of the carrier.

What is not allowed in air cargo?

Dangerous goods. Firearms and weapons (including inert and replica explosive weapons) Furs. Gold or other precious metals.

Can I rent a cargo plane?

Cargo Plane Rental. Cargo plane charters are complex operations, with nuances in FAA regulations, customs requirements and handling procedures that can vary by locale. evoJets can arrange any type of cargo plane charter, anywhere in the world.

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How many cargo planes fly a day?

114 thousand planes landed (which usually corresponds to the number taking off) in the last 24 hours worldwide and I believe this include all commercial passenger jets, cargo flights and General Aviation but not military flights. According to ATAG, there are roughly 100,000 scheduled flights per day globally.

Who is owner of IndiGo?

It has its primary hub at IGI Airport, Delhi. The airline was founded as a private company by Rahul Bhatia of InterGlobe Enterprises and Rakesh Gangwal in 2006.


Key people M. Damodaran (Chairman) Rono Dutta (CEO) Wolfgang Prock-Schauer (COO)
Founders Rahul Bhatia Rakesh Gangwal

Which is the cheapest airline in India?

Best Low Cost Airlines

  • Air India Express.
  • Jet Konnect.
  • Go Air.
  • Indigo.