Is the code Delhi?

So, DELHI is coded as CCIDD. The correct option is A.

Is coded as 73541?

Hence, 8251896 is correct.

Is coded as 34178 What is the code for Mumbai?

Answer is “202108”

Is Stump is coded as Pqrjm?

Answer is “MFQZE”

Is Stick is coded as Rshbj?

Hence reply will be coded as qdokx.

How will Delhi be coded?

So, DELHI is coded as CCIDD.

Is same is coded as VDPH?

Answer is “Lghqwlfdo”

How can Calicut be coded?

The CALICUT can be coded as 8251896. We are given two words DELHI and CALCUTTA,so if these are broken into letters then we can have a code for each letter.

What should be added to 5 7to get 2 3?

Thus, the number should be added is 1/21.

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