Is France a good place to work for Indians?

Tourism is a vital part of the country, but along with that engineering, finance and aerospace industry are its fastest-growing sectors to work and grow. So if you’re an Indian student and looking for abroad studies, France is the best option for you with lots of work opportunities.

Is France a good country for Indians?

Thanks to the quality education and flexible expenses, it is estimated that more than 10,000 students from India are choosing France as their career destination. France is ranked as the most innovative country in Europe and exhibits the same consistency in global education rankings.

What jobs do Indians do in France?

Popular Job Sectors in France among Indian students:

  • Computer Science and Information Technology. The IT and computer science are the courses that have been popular among the international students globally. …
  • Engineering. …
  • Business and Management. …
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Can Indian survive in France?

There are 19,134 Indians officially registered in France. The top area is The Greater Paris region of Île-de-France, where there are just over 14,000 Indians, 2,200 of whom live in the city of Paris. … But overwhelmingly, France’s Indian population call Greater Paris region of Île-de-France their home.

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How can I get a job in France from India?

The documents required for a work permit application are:

  1. Completed visa application form.
  2. Two recent passport size photos.
  3. Passport valid for a minimum of 3 months after the end of your planned stay in France.
  4. Proof of funds to support your stay.
  5. Certificate of criminal record s.
  6. Proof of payment of visa fees.

Is France better than India?

make 83.7% less money. France has a GDP per capita of $44,100 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

Is France expensive for Indian?

France is 5.4 times more expensive than India.

Is it hard to get a job in France?

Finding a job in France, like in any foreign country, is not particularly easy. Thankfully, though, it’s not impossible, despite what some would have you believe. Patience may just be the key to landing that dream job.

Is France good for Indian students?

Study in France for Indian students leads them towards good career opportunities internationally, after graduation. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture and reputation in the education system, which attracts number of young aspirants every academic year.

Is working in France good?

Economy & Employment Rate. The country is a member of the G7 and G8 powers, cementing France’s place as one of the world’s strongest and most successful economies. France’s unemployment rate stands at 9%, meaning that skilled engineers and technicians wanting to work in France have an excellent chance of employment.

Were there Indians in France?

History. A majority of the Indian community hails from Puducherry and Chandannagar, the former French colonies in India. Later arrivals to mainland France were mostly Gujaratis, Keralites and Indians from Mauritius, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, the Seychelles, Réunion, and Madagascar.

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Is it good to settle in France?

As well as providing plenty of opportunities for travel and fun, the country is generally good for kids. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey 2018 found that 64% of expats said their children’s health and wellbeing was better in France.

Is France safe?

France is generally a low-crime area, and the inner city areas and few selected suburbs are completely safe at all hours, but the problem persists in larger cities, especially Paris: there, the murder rate is about the double of the surrounding countries, and larger cities are literally filled with pickpockets and …

What is a good salary in France?

What is a high salary in France? The middle class in France earns between € 1,500 and € 2,800 net per month. In Paris, a good salary is often considered to be between € 3,000 and € 4,999 per month to allow a good living in the capital.

Can Indians get jobs Paris?

If you’re from an EEU/EEA country, you don’t need to get a work or residence visa in order to start your job in Paris. … If all goes well, you’ll then be issued a temporary residency permit, or carte de séjour temporaire (CST), which allows you to work in Paris.

What jobs are in high demand in France?

The Most In-Demand Jobs in France

The industries currently dominating the employment market are health and social care, wholesale and retail trade, and manufacturing. The most in-demand jobs are expected to be in construction, followed by the accommodation and food sector, and professional services.

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