How many Pakistani are in jail in India?

Does India have Pakistani prisoners?

India has 282 Pakistani civilian prisoners and 73 fishermen in its custody. On the other hand, Pakistan has in its custody 51 civilian prisoners and 577 fishermen, according to the list of prisoners exchanged by the two countries.

How many Pakistani prisoners are there in India?

Among the 263 Pakistani civilian prisoners in India, 67 have completed their sentence but could not return to their home country.

Which Indian is in Pakistan jail?

After spending 29 years in a Pakistani jail, Kathua resident Kuldeep Singh returned to a rousing welcome at his hometown here on Friday night, following which he asked the youth to “never pull back from making any sacrifice for the country”.

How many prisoners are in Pakistani jails?

Over 88,650 inmates in Pakistan’s 116 jails, says report. ISLAMABAD: The Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has revealed that currently there are 88,687 prisoners in 116 jails of the country against a sanctioned capacity of 65,168 inmates.

How many jails are there in Pakistan?

List of Prisons. There are 99 operational prisons with an authorized capacity of 45,210 inmates. According to the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan there are 80 169 prisoners.

Can an Indian work in Pakistan?

How to Get Pakistan Visa from India. … Indian passport holders can apply for a business visa and a tourist visa to visit Pakistan. However, tourist visas are not issued to every Indian national by the Pakistan embassy. Indian nationals are granted visitors visas to visit relatives, friends, or for any other legal reasons …

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Who is Kuldeep Jadhav?

Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav (also spelled Kulbhushan Yadav, alleged alias Hussain Mubarak Patel) (born 16 April 1970) is an Indian national.

Kulbhushan Jadhav
Born 16 April 1970 Sangli, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Naval officer (Pakistani claim) Ex-naval officer (Indian claim)
Years active 2003–2016