How do I track a parcel from USA to India?

Does USPS tracking work in India?

1. USPS. … However, one major con to using USPS for shipping to India is that tracking packages no longer works once they leave the US. You will have to use the Indian Post’s tracking website to find your package, which can take a few days to update in their system.

How do I track international courier?

Track your shipment with the help of a unique DTDC AWB No. allotted to your package. To check courier status, just type in your reference number and find out where your package has reached. With DTDC, courier tracking becomes as easy it can get.

How do I track an international incoming parcel?

To track your international parcel, you will need your receipt and also access to the USPS website. On the receipt is a tracking number below the payment confirmation. This number is any where from 20 to 22 digits long, segmented similarly to a credit card number in groups of four numbers, separated by a space.

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How do I track USPS registered mail to India?

Go to Select “USPS Tracking.” By entering the tracking number shown on the mailing receipt into the lookup field, you can view the delivery status of the article.

You should know that International Registered Mail does NOT provide:

  1. Expedited delivery.
  2. Guaranteed delivery time.
  3. Address information.

How long can Indian customs hold my package?

Indian Customs could see consignment clearance time fall from 12 hours to 12 minutes.

How long does a USPS package sit in customs?


Service Second /Final Notice
Customs 5 days after receipt of first notice
USPS Tracking® 5 days after receipt of first notice
Priority Mail 5 days after receipt of first notice
Priority Mail Express (includes Priority Mail Express International® and Global Express Guaranteed®) 3 days after receipt of first notice

Can you track an international package?

Know when and where your shipments are

Keep up with your international shipment with USPS International Tracking. … Free USPS Tracking is available for select destinations for First Class Package International Service shipments.

Can I track the exact location of my package?

Using the service you can track the location of a sent package on Google Maps. The service currently works for packages sent by FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL. To track a package you just have to enter the package’s tracking number. You are then presented with a Google Map that shows the current location of your package.

How do I find my tracking number?

Look for your tracking number in the shipping confirmation.

You’ll use your tracking number to keep up with the status of your shipment. Your tracking number may be listed under a heading that says something like “Track This Order” or “Track Your Package.”

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How can I track my international package from India Post?

To track the status of your parcel with India Post International Speedpost, enter the tracking number that you got from India Post International Speedpost in the box below Enter the Tracking Number.

How do I know if my package is in customs?

Check Your Mail for a Customs Detainment Letter

Check your company mail for a letter from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection department stating that your package has been detained. If the department is holding your item, officials will notify you usually within a few days but it can take as long as 30 to 45 days.

What happens if an international package is lost?

If you receive an international package that is damaged or has missing contents, you may file a claim immediately, but no later than 60 days from the date of mailing, and you must present the article, container, or packaging and all contents to a local Post Office.

How do I track my package on USPS customs?

How to Track a USPS Parcel at US Customs

  1. Visit the USPS Website. First open an online USPS account using your email and creating a password. …
  2. Print a Label. …
  3. Fill Out a Customs Form. …
  4. Schedule a Pickup. …
  5. Packing Recommendations. …
  6. Waiting for a Package? …
  7. Package Inspections. …
  8. What if Your Package is Detained?

Can you track USPS Customs number?

Senders can check delivery status by going to and clicking on Track & Confirm or!input.action and use the package barcode tracking number.

What does a USPS international tracking number look like?

Most domestic services (USPS Priority Mail, for instance) come with tracking numbers starting with a set of numbers, such as 9400. On the other hand, USPS international tracking numbers begin with a combination of letters.

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