How can I make my song grow faster in India?

In Conclusion: To have success growing a Song Of India as a houseplant, you need to give it medium to high light. Many people fail with this plant because of low light and too much water. It needs to be planted in a mix which is aerated and drains well yet is rich.

How can I grow Indian song faster?

Keep It Alive

  1. Song of India needs bright, indirect light. …
  2. Plant in quick-draining soil to prevent root rot or overwatering. …
  3. In the spring and summer while the plant is actively growing, feed it with a diluted basic houseplant food.

How can I promote my Indian music?

Start talking to radio stations, publications, and anywhere that will either allow you to play your music, or talk about it. There are a few radio stations that do promote independent music for instance, Radio One has a dedicated night for indie music. Radio Mirchi has an online indie music station called Mirchi Indies.

How does Song of India grow?

A native to the islands of the Indian ocean, this broadleaf evergreen will often grow 18 to 20 feet in the wild but can be an adaptable plant when grown indoors. It will suit your needs as either a tabletop or floor specimen. As a house plant, look for it to reach a maximum height of three to six feet.

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Is it easy to become singer India?

The path is long and difficult, as success is never certain in a creative field. With some time and dedication, however, you can increase your chances of breaking out into Bollywood. Spend some time developing the proper singing and acting skills. Then, work on gaining recognition and auditioning.

How often should I water my Song of India?

Song of India doesn’t need much water or care. It tends to prune itself, dropping leaves from the bottom and making room for new growth. “A watering just twice a week if used indoors and three times a week if outdoors will do,” says Shinn.

Can Song of India plant grow in water?

The song of India does need it’s bright light and quite high humidity levels to thrive. The worst two things a grower can do is over water or allow the temperatures to drop very low.


Origin: Madagascar and other Indian ocean islands.
Names: Song of India, Pleomele (common). Dracaena Reflexa (botanical/scientific).

How can I start my own album in India?

Here are ten tips to successfully launching a new album

  1. Create awareness for the album while it’s still in the works. …
  2. Release a single 1-3 months in advance of the release. …
  3. Shoot a music video. …
  4. Make your single ubiquitous. …
  5. Alert the press! …
  6. Line up distribution for your album. …
  7. Revamp your website.

How can I get my song on radio in India?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations. You’ll then need to promote your song to them using a combination of press releases or one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes.

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Does TuneCore promote your music?

The short answer is TuneCore can help you promote your music, but in order to properly and professionally market yourself, you’ll need to use services outside of TuneCore.

How can I save my song in India?

It is worth a try to save the plant. This can be done by cutting off the stem and inspect whether the inner stem is healthy and not showing any sign of rotting. Then put the stem into a container with clean tap water and wait for a few days.

Is Song of India a lucky plant?

Song of India Golden is hardy, drought tolerant, low maintenance, air purifier and good luck bringer houseplant which does not require to be fed or watered frequently and does exceedingly well in low light indoor environment.

Who is the Song of India?

Summary of the poem the song of India by VK Gokak.